Xyte launches a new cloud-based Support Center feature

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Xyte launches a new cloud-based Support Center feature that will help manufacturers streamline and deliver exceptional customer service

Xyte’s Support Center enables end users and resellers to escalate service tickets directly to the device manufacturer’s support team, permitting quicker resolution of issues with an enhanced customer experience. 

Tel-Aviv, Israel - August 17, 2021 - Xyte announces the launch of a new Support Center feature for its advanced HWaaS cloud platform. This latest addition allows hardware manufacturers to offer a superior support experience for their users and integrators by remotely diagnosing issues with devices.

Xyte’s Support Center is especially useful in cases where system integrators and tech managers require technical support for a specific product or solution. While the platform has always enabled end users to manage and monitor their devices and to retrieve logs and share them with the manufacturer, previously this required making contact via email or phone, which could result in delays in incident resolution.  

Xyte’s latest update simplifies the process, allowing users to connect with manufacturers’ support teams in a secure way, directly through the cloud platform. Once a service ticket has been created, the manufacturer instantly gains authorized access to the device and can retrieve logs, telemetry messages, and more, enabling a quick response.

The new Support Center feature promotes a streamlined, customer-centric experience and enables manufacturers to save on costs due to the efficiency of troubleshooting and shortening of the problem-solving lifecycle – it’s a win for everyone.

“While traditional help desk platforms assist manufacturers in managing and tracking incidents, Xyte’s Support Center allows manufacturers to directly communicate with hardware devices and diagnose and troubleshoot problems through the cloud,” says Omer Brookstein, CEO and co-founder of Xyte. “Having the ability to monitor and tune the customer experience, identify potential issues before they become problematic, and proactively resolve issues when they do occur is already a game changer. Now, with the new Support Center in place, the platform will allow manufacturers to better support their customers, reduce the lifetime of service tickets by hours, if not days, and offer their system integration partners and end customers a much better service.”

For more information on this new offering and to schedule a demo, please contact Xyte’s Sales team at

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Xyte is a revolutionary solution for hardware manufacturers, with a first-of-its-kind cloud platform that bridges the gap between hardware devices and modern cloud applications. Xyte’s award-winning offering provides device manufacturers with a comprehensive, white-labeled solution for managing their Hardware-as-a-Service business, enabling them to propose new subscription-based models and realize the full potential of their products. 

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