Monitor, control and support smart building systems

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Leverage a business platform designed for smart buildings

Better meet the demand of tenants by optimizing building performance and energy management, improving safety and enhancing comfort.

Provide proactive maintenance for building systems

Improve occupant satisfaction with real-time, continuous monitoring and servicing of HVAC, lighting controls, security and other building systems.

Improve operational efficiencies

Reduce equipment costs and shift to subscription-based business models.

Optimize energy usage and decarbonization efforts

Collect vital data points and make real-time adjustments to optimize energy performance without affecting occupant comfort.

Turn your smart building technologies into digital services

Leverage cloud connectivity to move to integrated as-a-Service digital offerings.

Monitor and optimize energy and water consumption to fit tenants’ needs while lowering costs and controlling emissions.

Capture IoT device data and turn data analytics into tailored, concrete actions for predictive and proactive maintenance.

Digitize your entire value chain and empower your channels at scale

Empower your channels and partners by giving them the tools to sell their products and bundled FMS/BMS services.

Unlock new recurring revenue opportunities for your partners and increase uptime through proactive maintenance.

Enable your partners to provide superb support with full visibility and control of IoT devices.

Provide frontline support and provide quick resolution

Support customers remotely, quickly and efficiently with all full data dump for fast resolution.

Review and manage support tickets directly in the platform, identifying trends and anomalies.

Provide proactive support and maintenance to minimize downtime.

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Xyte’s end-to-end experience and business-driven team rapidly accelerated our journey to market, helping us innovate and deliver energy management solutions to more people quickly - saving us and our customers energy and money

Aitor Martínez Molina
Digital Transformation and Incubation Director
Schneider Electric

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