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Our Story

As software and hardware developers, we were frustrated by the complexity of connecting and managing devices in the cloud, so we decided to develop a solution that will be quick and easy to implement, and will help OEMs leverage IoT to grow their businesses. Xyte Device Cloud is that solution - providing OEMs with comprehensive cloud-based business tools to support their growth, now and in the future.

Our Vision

Recent years have seen a fundamental change in the way companies are doing business. Industries are shifting in the era of the digital transformation, and the realm of hardware devices is no exception – the move to Hardware-as-a-Service and subscription-based business models is now top of mind for most hardware executives. Customers have changed as well, and their expectations for new digital experiences are higher than ever before.

Solution providers need to create and deliver new experiences that meet or exceed customer expectations in order to keep growing their business. The ability to offer a high level of service and to manage an ongoing relationship with your customers is critical to success. At Xyte, our mission is to help hardware businesses flourish and grow by assisting them in making the digital transformation, engaging with their customers and resellers, and embracing new subscription-based business models.

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We're on a mission to allow every OEM to easily cloudify their devices, and facilitate their business transition to a solution-based approach that is aimed at outcomes rather than just selling products and services.

Omer Brookstein
Co-Founder & CEO

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