Connect your equipment globally

Power your devices with interoperable Xyte eSIM cards with pay-as-you-go data plans.


Worldwide connectivity

Preinstall Xyte’s eSIM into your equipment and enjoy seamless GSM connectivity with your devices anywhere in the world, eliminating the hassle of managing multiple contracts with various network providers.

Streamlined telemetry reporting

Optimize your operations by enabling remote management and reporting independently of the customer’s enterprise network. Xyte makes it easy to gather valuable telemetry data, collect and analyze device metrics, monitor performance, and proactively address potential issues.

Provide custom data plans

Offer subscriptions to customized data plans directly through your Xyte ecommerce store, providing customers with the flexibility to choose the plans that best fit their needs, with monthly, annual, or usage-based pricing. Effortlessly monitor and manage data usage, ensuring accurate and transparent billing for your customers.

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“We were looking for a cloud solution to support our connected devices and evaluated several options. Xyte was the only provider offering the end-to-end solution that we and our customers were looking for.”

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Brian Carskadon
VP of Product

Unlock seamless global connectivity for your equipment and devices