LoRaWAN Devices

Turn LoRaWAN Devices into Services

A smart application layer for your LoRaWAN devices

Deploy a fully-branded cloud solution for your customers,
without a single line of code.

Manage and monetize your LoRaWAN devices

End-to-end support for enabling comprehensive solutions beyond hardware

Improve reliability and uptime

Proactively address issues, minimize downtime and enhance product reliability

Enable premium features

Keep customers engaged and diversify revenue sources

Integrate service offerings in three easy steps


LoRaWAN devices send data to gateways using the
LoRa protocol


The gateways communicate with the Xyte network server


Via Xyte’s application layer:

  • Launch a variety of as-a-Service pricing models (usage-based, monthly subscriptions, etc.)

  • Enable premium features

  • Manage device license entitlements

  • Gain visualizations of your dataLaunch a variety of as-a-Service pricing models (usage-based, monthly subscriptions, etc.)

A robust IoT solution for your LoRaWAN fleet

Fully scalable for your growing business
Connect unlimited devices and customer accounts

Rich, out-of-the box applications
End-to-end asset management, integrated payments and subscriptions management, and more.

Multi-tenancy for partners and customers
Manage your entire sub-fleet of LoRaWAN devices in a fully-federated, white-labeled manner

Build digital trust with your partners and customers

Enterprise-grade security and reliability
Data hosting in a highly resilient infrastructure

Privacy by Design
Compliance with GDPR and other national data protection laws

Secure, frictionless authentication
Multiple, frictionless authentication methods for all user journeys and tenant management

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"Xyte’s end-to-end experience and business-driven team rapidly accelerated our journey to market, helping us innovate and deliver energy management solutions to more people quickly - saving us and our customers energy and money."

Aitor Martínez Molina
Digital Transformation and Incubation Director
Schneider Electric

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