Xyte and HDBaseT webinar: Paving the Way to an Industry Standard for Cloud Based Signal Routing and Management

Omer Brookstein, CEO of Xyte, and Gabi Shriki, Head of Audiovisual at Valens, discuss the importance of standardization as a growth engine for the professional AV industry.
As the modern environment of enterprises, education and other verticals become more complex incorporating multiple media distribution solutions - a standard, agnostic, and centralized cloud platform for remote management and monitoring is a necessity. A vendor-specific cloud solution is simply not good enough for most IT managers, who are looking for a single pane of glass managing multiple end-products and media distribution technologies.
In this session we discussed:

  • The essence of standardization in the AV industry.
  • How to connect your products to the cloud with ease, to better support your customers.
  • How cloudyfing your product can help develop new recurring revenue opportunities for your channels.
Xyte Team
April 2, 2024


min read


single pane of glass
recurring revenue
channel partners