Taking Robotics to the Cloud for Blitzscaling

Xook, a developer of fully-autonomous food kiosks, uses advanced IoT and edge-computing along with high-precision robotics to deliver fresh, consistent and beautiful dishes in cafeterias and food courts.

One of the ways Xook aims to become the first mover in its market, at scale, is by leveraging real-time data and analytics from its connected equipment on the Xyte Device Cloud. Xook uses the data to understand equipment usage and operational challenges within each subsystem, resolve issues quickly and remotely, and make data-driven product development decisions.

As the company deploys its kiosks to a growing number of customer sites, Xook’s mission is to deliver a superior customer experience by offering customers a single pane of glass from which to oversee their equipment, receive remote support, and manage subscriptions.

Watch this webinar-on-demand to learn how this innovative robotics company envisions using equipment data to achieve first-mover advantage and scalability, including:

  • Driving product innovation and development decisions
  • Improving equipment deployment, management, support, and ongoing operations
  • Achieving greater value through subscription-based models

April 2, 2024


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