Gain full visibility, control and collaboration of your connected devices

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Drive Workplace Technology digital transformation to DaaS with Xyte's Connected Device Platform (CDP)

Drive digital transformation by adapting workplaces to meet future demands
and fostering the ultimate employee experience.

Support remote employees
and devices

Provide remote services and support to increase uptime, resolve breakdowns, improve collaboration, minimize downtime and increase employee satisfaction.

Offer usage or telemetry based pricing

Offer new pricing models based on usage or telemetry to support your customers’ needs and derive new recurring revenue channels.

Provide remote provisioning

Dynamically allocate resources and services, manage and remotely provide access to data and resources.

View, monitor and control all your devices from one centralized location

  • Gain full visibility and control to your entire fleet of devices through one centralized platform.
  • Issue support tickets directly to different vendors and achieve quick resolution and response.
  • Have real-time situational awareness and remote control of all sites and devices.

Unify operations into a
single pane of glass

  • Use one tool to manage all of your customers, products, and services remotely.
  • Gain full visibility and understanding of your customers’ journey end to end.
  • Manage end users’ and channel partners’ accounts in a fully federated environment.

Expand and empower your partner network

  • Provide channels the ability to generate recurring revenue at scale with subscription models.
  • Enable the ecosystem to share and combine products, services, and data to deliver added value to customers.
  • Create digital catalogs and publish it across channels to quickly deliver products to market and drive revenue.
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“We were looking for a cloud solution to support our connected devices and evaluated several options. Xyte was the only one provider offering the end-to-end solution that we and our customers were looking for.”

Brian Carskadon
VP Products, Avocor

All-in-One DaaS Solution


Allow your customers to remotely manage & monitor their devices, and get notified about malfunctions using low-code automation and a handful of integrations.
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Create new business opportunities for your channels and deliver superior service to your end users through managed services.
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The dedicated Support Center allows your support team to remotely diagnose malfunctions and resolve critical issues faster.
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Use the power of big data to drive actionable insights by analyzing user behavior and device usage.
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Remotely enable advanced features through subscriptions.
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Ensure flawless business operations through integrations with popular business tools.
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Explore Xyte’s unique financing offerings to support your HaaS business.
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