Connected Buildings:
Monitor, control and support smart systems and resource consumption

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What the Smart Building sector can expect with Xyte

Better meet the demand of tenants by optimizing building performance,
improving safety and enhancing comfort.

Enhance customer support
with remote services

Continuously monitor equipment health and performance in real time to provide proactive and predictive information to technicians and customers.

Drive revenue growth

Achieve higher margins by shifting the value focus from offering equipment to offering digital and physical services to occupants.

Optimize energy usage and decarbonization efforts.

Collect vital data points and make real-time adjustments to optimize energy performance without affecting occupant comfort.

Turn your smart building technologies into digital platforms

  • Leverage cloud connectivity to move to integrated as-a-Service digital offerings.
  • Monitor and optimize energy and water consumption to fit tenants’ needs while lowering costs and control emissions.
  • Capture IoT device data and turn data analytics into tailored, concrete actions for predictive and proactive maintenance.

Digitize your entire value chain and empower your channels at scale

  • Empower your channels and partners by giving them the tools to sell their products and bundled FMS/BMS services.
  • Unlock new recurring revenue opportunities for your partners and increase uptime through proactive maintenance.
  • Enable your partners to provide superb support with full visibility and control IoT devices.

Provide frontline support and provide quick resolution

  • Support customers remotely, quickly and efficiently with all full data dump for fast resolution.
  • Receive customers’ help tickets directly into the platform, identify trends and identify anomalies.
  • Provide proactive support and maintenance to minimize downtime.
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“Using Xyte’s cloud platform not only allows us to offer much better support for our customers through the cloud, but also enables us to innovate by adopting new business models, improve our operational efficiency, and refine our products’ roadmap. It’s a pivotal opportunity for our business.”

Eliran Toren
Co-CEO, MSolutions

All-in-One EaaS Solution

From device management through advanced support capabilities all the way to subscription management – Xyte is your one-stop shop.

Connect and manage devices and resellers’ and customers’ accounts – all in a single fully federated environment.
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Allow your customers to remotely manage & monitor their devices, and get notified about malfunctions using low-code automation and a handful of integrations.
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Create new business opportunities for your channels and deliver superior service to your end users through managed services.
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The dedicated Support Center allows your support team to remotely diagnose malfunctions and resolve critical issues faster.
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Use the power of big data to drive actionable insights by analyzing user behavior and device usage.
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Remotely enable advanced features through subscriptions.
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Ensure flawless business operations through integrations with popular business tools.
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Explore Xyte’s unique financing offerings to support your HaaS business.
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