Respond to customer needs faster with new products and services
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What Product & R&D teams can expect with Xyte

Rapidly release products, features, solutions, and services that meet the needs of both existing and new customers.

Launch a remote management and monitoring solution

Launch your branded remote management and monitoring solution and cloudify your products in no time - all it takes is two API calls.

Enable feature-based subscriptions

Offer premium device features for a monthly or annual subscription fee and enable customers to easily upgrade based on their needs.

Build data-driven products

Collect data from all your devices and get actionable insights on product usage and performance.  

Get multi-tenancy out of the box

  • Connect an unlimited number of devices for a fixed fee.
  • Manage end users’ and channel partners’ accounts in a fully federated environment.
  • Enable your customers to deploy, manage, and monitor their fleets of devices.

Enable premium device features and services remotely and on demand

  • Deliver premium device features with a subscription-based offering.
  • Offer your customers a user-friendly e-commerce experience.
  • Take advantage of Xyte’s built-in billing & invoicing module.

Accelerate time to market

  • Leverage Xyte’s cloud infrastructure and avoid unpredictable costs.
  • Benefit from an ever-growing integrations marketplace.
  • Ensure your data is protected with enterprise-grade security solution designed for you and your customers.
  • Cloudify new products using simple RESTful APIs.

Integrate with your favorite business tools

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“Xyte’s Connected Device Managment Platform is a game changer in how we service our products and support our customers. This will create long-term customer retention opportunities previously unseen in our industry.”

Matt Muray
CTO, AVPro Edge
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Connected device managEment platform

Solutions built for product development

Allow your customers to remotely manage & monitor their devices, and get notified about malfunctions.

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The dedicated Support Center allows to remotely diagnose malfunctions and resolve critical issues.

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Ensure flawless business operations through integrations with popular business tools.

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