Improve operational efficiency and customer experience
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What Operations & Support teams can expect with Xyte

Deliver exceptional customer service and create operational efficiencies.

Provide exceptional service

Troubleshoot issues remotely and accelerate issue resolution through the built-in Support Center.

Respond to vulnerabilities and security threats

Proactively distribute firmware versions over the cloud to address vulnerabilities in a timely manner.

Reduce inventory costs and complexity

Rationalize SKUs and optimize product development by enabling premium device features with subscriptions.

Deliver a superior customer experience

  • Improve customer service with dedicated portals for end users and channel partners.
  • Use built-in support flows and configure support features to provide services directly or through channel partners.
  • Remotely administer commands and retrieve device logs.

Automate manual processes

  • Improve customer service with dedicated end users and channel portals

Leverage data for enhanced support

  • Apply advanced analytics to understand the root causes of equipment failures in real time.
  • Use analytics to assess and prioritize repair issues on the fly.
  • Perform troubleshooting and predict problems before they occur.

Integrate with your favorite business tools

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“Xyte’s Connected Device Managment Platform is a game changer in how we service our products and support our customers. This will create long-term customer retention opportunities previously unseen in our industry.”

Matt Muray
CTO, AVPro Edge
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Connected device managEment platform

Solutions built for operational efficiencies

Allow your customers to remotely manage & monitor their devices, and get notified about malfunctions.

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The dedicated Support Center allows to remotely diagnose malfunctions and resolve critical issues.

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Ensure flawless business operations through integrations with popular business tools.

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