As-a-Service: Unlock industry’s next growth opportunity
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What C-Suite and Corporate Innovation Centers can expect with Xyte

Transform your business with as-a-Service models to gain competitive advantage.

Increase market share

Grow your customer base and win more business through innovative subscription models.

Achieve higher margins

Overcome product commoditization by adding new service-based revenue streams.

Develop sustainable customer relationships

Form a direct channel to customers, better understand usage patterns and develop new offerings accordingly.

Tap into new sources of value with innovative business models

  • Offer customers usage- and feature-based pricing with flexibility to scale on demand.
  • Create product bundles with subscription pricing models for hardware, software, and services.
  • Leverage data to better understand device usage and develop services to generate new revenue streams.

Manage and empower sales channels

  • Gain full visibility and understanding of your customers’ journey, from end to end.
  • Empower partners to drive enhanced customer experiences and outcomes.
  • Provide channels the ability to offer value-added services and generate recurring revenue at scale with subscription models.

Accelerate tech-enabled transformation

  • Provide remote services and support to increase uptime and scale back your field workforce.
  • Modernize your lead-to-cash process with digital channels and real-time data.
  • Gather product usage data to fuel better decision making.

Integrate with your favorite business tools

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Connected device managEment platform

Solutions built for revenue generation

Allow your customers to remotely manage & monitor their devices, and get notified about malfunctions.

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The dedicated Support Center allows to remotely diagnose malfunctions and resolve critical issues.

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Remotely enable advanced features through subscriptions.

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