A better way to connect and collaborate with your ecosystem 

Xyte Connect transforms the way you work with your partners, by providing you with a comprehensive stack of collaboration and information sharing tools.


Connect faster with your channel partners

Communicate directly through Xyte to share data, information, and files and jointly troubleshoot device issues.

Allow partners to escalate support tickets and drastically decrease issue resolution time to provide top-tier support.

Share files and data in real time, assist with tickets, and strengthen relationships with partners.

Create new business opportunities

Team up with other manufacturers to create new offerings and product packages to introduce in storefronts.

Connect with financial services providers to leverage financing plans that support your business operations.

Cooperate with software vendors to introduce new bundles and expand selling opportunities.

Secure Connections

Keep your data secure with Xyte’s enterprise-grade security features and compliance standards.

Confidently share device information, price lists, and data with your partners.

Opt -in to Xyte Connect.
Select your preferred partners from the list, or invite new ones.
Wait for your partners’'s approval.

Connect, and start collaborating straight away.

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"Thanks to Xyte's compatibility with various manufacturers and its device monitoring capabilities, we can efficiently monitor and manage our clients and highly improve the quality of our services."

Neil Carroll
Solution Architect
Rebar Systems

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