The all-in-one device cloud for hardware startups

Let us worry about the cloud so you can focus on manufacturing great products.

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When you began your hardware business, chances are, you dreamt of creating compelling products, designing and manufacturing the most incredible devices on Earth. You might not have been thinking about software, cloud connectivity, remote monitoring capabilities or subscription-based pricing. 

That’s where Xyte comes in. Our unified Device Cloud platform is the fastest and most cost effective path for startups to connect their equipment and devices to the cloud without a single line of code. 

 We’re paving the way for your future growth

Xyte’s fully-federated, multi-tenant and white-labeled Device Cloud provides emerging manufacturers with an end-to-end platform to cloudify, operate, support, maintain, and commercialize their connected devices. All the tools your business needs to compete with legacy manufacturers and enterprise giants, at a fraction of the cost and effort.

As a startup, you can’t afford the time or resources to piece together a dozen different tools to service your customers with remote monitoring and management, telemetry gathering, ticket resolution, incident monitoring, and more. Xyte gives you all of these without needing to write a single line of code.

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How can Xyte accelerate your business?

A single pane of glass from which to see a current snapshot of your devices, set up custom commands for remote troubleshooting, gather telemetries, and easily visualize device data.

A single hub for your customers to manage their equipment and subscriptions, seek support, and buy new services from you.

Rapidly investigate and resolve issues remotely, with a single view of all customers, incidents and pending tickets.

Drive subscription-based revenues and create new, bundled selling opportunities with a robust, branded storefront and a flexible backend for transactions and payments.

Unlock attractive and sustainable financing rates for your Equipment-as-a-Service business.

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