AVPro Edge scales remote services and increases customer retention by partnering with Xyte



AVPro Edge specializes in full-bandwidth AV distribution. The company, which works alongside HDMI, HDBaseT, and HDCP, prides itself on developing uniquely engineered solutions for today’s system integrators. It has a diverse product range, spanning from 18 Gpbs matrix switchers and video wall processors to HDMI extension and AV-over-IP products.


AVPro Edge has long operated a traditional ticketing platform to support its global customer base of system integrators and end users. But with its installed base of advanced AV switching and distribution systems expanding rapidly worldwide, the company needed a more efficient strategy to troubleshoot and reconcile technical issues.


Rather than physically sending technicians to widely distributed local facilities, AVPro Edge turned to Xyte to accelerate issue resolution through remote services. The Xyte Connected Device Management Platform allows AVPro Edge customers to escalate service tickets directly to the company’s internal support team, providing a scalable solution that greatly reduces the time and costs associated with onsite service. Upon receiving service notifications, AVPro Edge experts can remotely connect to the devices that are experiencing issues and immediately retrieve logs, change configurations, and update firmware as needed, problem solving for their customers in real time.


Connected device managment platform

Used Modules

Allow your customers to remotely manage & monitor their devices, and get notified about malfunctions.

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The dedicated Support Center allows to remotely diagnose malfunctions and resolve critical issues.

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Ensure flawless business operations through integrations with popular business tools.

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Matt Murray
CTO, AVPro Edge

“The Xyte Connected Device Management Platform is a game changer in how we service our products and support our customers. This will create long-term customer retention opportunities previously unseen in our industry.”


  1. Launched a fully featured cloud solution with unprecedented time to market.
  2. Leveraged Xyte’s Support Module to maximize customer experience.
  3. Improved speed and efficiency of issue resolution through remote services.
  4. Reduced costs associated with onsite services.

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