Avocor uses Xyte to better support its customers and introduce new business models

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Avocor is an award-winning global provider of collaboration technology, with interactive touchscreens installed in collaboration rooms worldwide. Designed to fit the way modern workspaces, huddle rooms, classrooms, and meeting spaces work together, Avocor’s cutting-edge displays offer a premium, flexible user experience that is easily replicated across the enterprise. Avocor’s industry partnership ecosystem includes some of the most well-known and trusted collaboration technology leaders in the market today, providing a seamless user experience for every meeting.


Avocor was seeking a platform that would provide its customers an efficient way to remotely manage and monitor their global fleets of interactive devices, while enabling the company to add new advanced services on demand and generate new revenue streams. They recognized that building an in-house solution would be complex and expensive, but most enterprise-level remote cloud management platforms on the market were deemed too restrictive.


Following extensive market research, Avocor identified Xyte’s HaaS cloud platform as the ideal solution, enabling the company to both meet the operational goals of today and take advantage of the exciting new business opportunities of tomorrow. Xyte’s open, end-to-end platform allows Avocor to manage, monitor, and update its entire installed base of devices, while offering advanced support capabilities. Thanks to its partnership with Xyte, Avocor can now ensure that meetings, presentations, and learning continue uninterrupted at sites around the world, providing quick problem resolution and dedicated customer support.


Built on Xyte's Connected Device Platform (CDP), Avocor introduces FUSE, a fully cloud-based software to remotely monitor and manage Avocor's solutions. With comprehensive features like instant firmware updates, automated ticket creation, and activation of digital services to Avocor devices, FUSE not only enhances the experience of AV/IT teams and global users but also facilitates data-driven decisions through access to device usage data.

Connected device managment platform

Used Modules

Allow your customers to remotely manage & monitor their devices, and get notified about malfunctions.

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The dedicated Support Center allows to remotely diagnose malfunctions and resolve critical issues.

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Remotely enable advanced features through subscriptions.

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Dana Corey
SVP & GM Global Sales at Avocor

“Xyte presents an opportunity to implement an entirely new business model. We can efficiently support our products and customers with a few simple steps, and have a powerful eCommerce platform at our fingertips to launch subscription-based services in the future.״


  1. Enabled remote management of all service and support tasks
  2. Increased uptime of Avocor’s interactive collaboration solutions
  3. Provided the capability to create and launch new cloud-based business models
  4. Accelerated time to market and implementation of new features
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